Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles and Weathers Motors


Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles & Weathers Motors

To qualify as a "certified used" vehicle, the vehicle must be thoroughly checked by a dealer, using stringent guidelines and must be back by the dealer or warranty. Not all used vehicles  can qualify for certified pre-owned programs, and terms can vary from one brand to the next, but any true certified pre-owned program will include at least a MULTI-point inspection of the vehicle. If problems are found, the trained technicians will fix it or disqualify the car from the program.  ALways BUY from a reputable dealer.

Used cars sold with third-party warranties are often advertised as "certified" and can be similar to factory certified cars.  Extended service contracts can usually be purchased for any vehicle, and the vehicle's manufacturer is not involved in any coverage promised by the aftermarket service contract.

Weathers Motors takes extra time and effort in the initial scrutiny of checking all vehicles out.  Our process is the same as a franchised dealer, making sure  the tires are in great shape, the vehicle is mechanically sound and that each customer has confidence in their purchase. 

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